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What’s New

New to the archives are my 2006 interview with actor Sam Elliott (Grandma) about his role in a TV movie and other work (read the Sam Elliott interview here) and my 2011 interview with Robert Osborne about Liza Minnelli (New York, New York), who spoke about her movies and late parents, director Vincente Minnelli (Meet Me in St. Louis) and Judy Garland (A Star is Born). Read the interview about Liza here.

Sympathy_vote_FINAL_1007I’ve added a 2013 newspaper article about an unsolved murder in Illinois that happened 49 years ago today. The 21-year-old victim was the twin daughter of a wealthy CEO running for the United States Senate and her name was Valerie Percy. She was stabbed and bludgeoned to death in her bedroom while the family, except her stepmother, who awakened during the crime and became an eyewitness, slept in their lakefront home. The homicide remains unsolved, though the author of a book (pictured) names a prime suspect. Read Murder in Kenilworth here.

I also want to add my interview with an author of a book about Iran’s 1979 attack on America because the Iran deal is unfortunately imminent. I’m enthusiastic about my recent interview with Bob Hope‘s biographer. Besides articles, speculative writing and work for others, plans are underway to make more interviews, including several unpublished transcripts, available.

In the meantime, this summer’s writing workshop at the local library was a success, so I’ve been asked to teach a class on blogging, which I plan to do later this year. I am making a new low-cost webinar series this fall for which I plan to include a media booklet to help entrepreneurs, businesses and artists create, relate and distribute what they make and do. It’s in progress, so please stand by, as I know some readers outside of LA have asked about attending classes online or via streaming. I hope to post more information soon.

Hurry to register for next week’s 10-week courses here in suburban Los Angeles: an all-new Writing Boot Camp (register here), which explores writing habits and methodology and includes a checklist. Writing Boot Camp is fun, lively and streamlined (click/touch here to register). Registration is also open for All About Social Media for maximizing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (register here). Contact me about private sessions.

Look for new book, product, home video and, of course, movie reviews. I have to admit that I am excited about the new season of Fox’s Empire (read my review of the first season here), which is purely an indulgence in escapism.

Booting Up My New Material

Registration for my all-new Writing Boot Camp in suburban Los Angeles opens today (register here). The 10-week course covers all general writing formats, from business writing and blogging, social media and e-mail to fiction or non-fiction in script, manuscript or memoir.

I plan to explain essential principles and furnish a checklist for perfect writing. Particular emphasis on proper pre-conditions and writing guidelines includes:

  • Selecting format, topic and theme
  • Motivational and relaxation techniques
  • Writing, editing and clarifying
  • Best practices
  • Good resources

Writing Boot Camp will be fun, lively and streamlined for beginning, intermediate and advanced adults. Each student will have an opportunity to have his writing evaluated. Space is limited, so register soon if you want to attend (click/touch here to register today). Registration is also open for All About Social Media, which offers an essential guide to creating, using and maximizing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (register for the social media course here).

Private instruction is also available. Contact me for details if you’re interested.

BPLCentralSmalljpgOtherwise, I’m offering my August 6 writing workshop, sponsored by Burbank Public Library (for details, read here), at no charge. It’s free. The evening class examines storytelling and how to make yourself the hero of any new writing project. Speaking of heroes, my op-ed defending the legendary Bob Hope and Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport appears in the Los Angeles Times-owned Burbank Leader (read the article here). In case you missed it, I argue that Bob Hope’s self-made status suits both the city’s and airport’s history.
The self-made man and the history of a place also inform my summer series for Chicagoland newspapers. Towns north of Chicago are the scene for the world’s first Girl Scout cookie, Frank Lloyd Wright’s only bridge ever built, invention of Christmas lights, visits from Teddy Roosevelt, even America’s first recorded serial killer. The articles are part of a new collection of North Shore stories. Sort and read by article index here. Keep checking the link because there are more to come.
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New Writing Course

I am pleased to announce that I plan to offer a complete, new writing course covering all formats. Students will learn how to prepare for writing as an exercise, how to build, write and edit the piece, and how to write with the audience in mind. Each student will have an opportunity to have his writing evaluated. The 10-session series for general adult education starts this fall in southern California.

In the meantime, I am grateful to receive this endorsement from a movie producer who enrolled in one of my courses and attended several of my workshops:

Scott Holleran is the best instructor in his field in the Southland. He is also incredibly talented as a writer and blogger. He has one of the sharpest minds I have encountered anywhere. He is brilliant and creative and very skilled in all facets of communications, journalism and adult education. His instruction has had a tremendously positive impact on my life.”

All About Social Media is already in progress as a 6-week course covering proper social media management including instruction in creating campaigns. Registration for this course is open (a few seats are available in the class), so feel free to call (818) 558-4611 to attend. The Los Angeles-based course is also offered this fall.

Burbank Public Library

Burbank Public Library

I’m giving a writing workshop this summer sponsored by Burbank Public Library. Admission is free. The one-hour presentation at 7 PM on Thursday, August 6 in downtown Burbank includes visual storytelling slides. It’s part of the library’s Every Hero has a Story series. The storytelling class is open to the public, so feel free to attend.

Private individual and group instruction is also available if you’re not able to attend class in L.A. Contact me for details.

My Summer Course on Social Media

Register today for my new course on social media in LA’s suburban San Fernando Valley.

The summer course, a six-week series on Monday nights (6pm to 9 pm, June 1 through July 6) at Burbank Adult School, covers the essentials of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn including basic functions, writing and marketing. The course theme that successful social media is reducible to reality according to one’s self-interest is communicated through classroom instruction, study, demonstration, presentation and discussion. Previous incarnations of this course include oral and written exams and presentations—read my post about one student’s report on the Berlin Wall—and always integrate today’s news, events and information, such as today’s news that Joss Whedon quit Twitter, Starbucks’ Race Together campaign and how to tell stories, sell, fund, rally, organize and engage through social media.

BurbankAdultSchoolEach class includes a visual presentation, Q & A and access to private instruction. The course, which is regularly updated with lessons from my experience managing business and celebrity social media, covers various media including Quora, Pinterest, Instagram and the newest formats, tools, apps and sites. Tuition is $69. Call (818) 558-4611 to register or try this link for online registration. I am planning to integrate the course into a new career skills program for the school this fall.

This month’s Fitness for Business series at TVEA in Los Angeles continues at 4pm PT on Thursdays with these remaining 90-minute workshops (admission fee is $20/click on class title to register): this week’s Profit By Blog (May 7) teaches each student how to profit and attract new business by blogging; Writing Boot Camp (May 14) is a comprehensive lesson in the creative process for the best writing; Succeed with Social Media (May 21) is a fully developed tutorial and How to Plan an Event with Panache (May 28) instructs the class in creating, promoting and staging the perfect event, conference, meeting, party or show. Each Thursday class starts at 4pm PT. Call (818) 379-7000 to register. I also plan to offer a free storytelling workshop to the public later this summer.

Announcing New LA Workshops, Course

I am offering new courses and workshops this spring and summer.

BurbankMarriottThis week, I am giving a free workshop on branding at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank near Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport. Attendance to the 90-minute class, which includes visual presentation and Q & A, is included in admission for the Valley Business Expo ’15 ($10 admission; register here) sponsored by the Valley Economic Alliance (VEA), sponsor of my recent Fitness for Business series.

As a featured speaker, I will teach the principles of branding in the expo hall twice: at 11 am and again at 1 pm. My thesis that branding is the intersection of who you are and what you do applies to artists, entrepreneurs and executives at companies, organizations and institutions and I address and discuss several branding examples. But the focus is on business and brand development, so it is best to come prepared to work on your own brand.

During the branding class at the expo, I plan to announce and explain my new Fitness for Business series at the VEA‘s San Fernando Valley headquarters, where I will teach a new round of classes on creating, fueling and maximizing best work habits and practices and various media classes.

the-valley-economic-alliance-logo-vertical-300x145Among the new workshops are classes in social media, blogging and an intense workshop I call Writing Boot Camp. I will also teach a popular class I created in 2014 for my series at Mood U School, “How to Plan an Event with Panache”, which is inspired by one of my favorite plays, Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, in which I explain, examine and break down the essentials of planning and staging the perfect party, show, event, conference or meeting.

The fee for each VEA-sponsored workshop is $20.

My 10-week All About Social Media course at the Henry M. Mingay campus of Burbank Adult School continues this month. The same course will be offered this summer in a condensed, 6-week course beginning on June 1. I cover the principles of proper social media management and I update and incorporate lessons, pitfalls and tips from my storytelling through social media for artists, companies and organizations.

Stand by for registration details for the above and follow me on Twitter (or like me on Facebook) or subscribe to my free e-newsletter to get updates, as I’m planning to add more classes, when I’m not writing and helping customers to create, build and manage enterprises, in the future.