Presidential Politics 2012

On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, I must say that I find the current field of presidential candidates to be terribly depressing. We are stuck with an American president, Barack Obama, who is hastening the end of freedom in the United States of America. But the pathetic opposition is no real opposition. Besides the crazies and clowns who have already exited or not yet entered, including the dreadful Ms. Palin, Republicans are a bunch of dishonest looters and moochers, to paraphrase Ayn Rand from her novel Atlas Shrugged. They support the status quo; America’s rotting welfare state.

Mr. Gingrich is an infantile fraud, the only Speaker of the House to have been punished on ethical grounds. Archaic Mr. Santorum is an advocate of government based on faith, in other words theocracy, who would target gays, abortion and contraceptives. Whiny Dr. Paul is a Christian anarchist whose only coherent position is that he is maniacally willing to support nuclear weapons for Islamist Iran. Smug Mr. Huntsman worked for and praised President Obama. Befuddled Mr. Perry fumbles, fasts and prays and also seeks theocracy and laws against gays. Smarmy Mr. Romney enlisted the conservative Heritage Foundation and created the model for America’s first totalitarian health care system, ObamaCare. Cumulatively, the candidates are a reminder that America is careening toward the latter part of New Hampshire’s state motto and is probably doomed.

It is a new year, though, so I look to men such as the late new intellectual John David Lewis, a history professor whose writings and teachings and example are positively inspiring, new intellectual Robert Mayhew, a philosophy professor whose courses and books provide rich resources for future artists and scholars, new intellectual Shoshana Milgram, an English professor who is writing a biography of Ayn Rand, the new Ayn Rand Campus, premiering online tomorrow, where students will be able to pursue a course of self-study on Ayn Rand and her writings and ideas and some other individuals, above all Ayn Rand’s torchbearer, Leonard Peikoff, who recently wrote that he’s putting the finishing touches on his new book, The DIM Hypothesis. 2012’s politicians are a reason to fear the government and be depressed. 2012’s new and emergent intellectuals are a reason to fight for the future. Those who lie, cheat and loot deserve our scorn, but those who create deserve our enthusiastic support. Fight every dictate and directive and let us repeal their bad laws one by one, but don’t let the filthy politicians get you down. Let the few good, rational men lift you higher, spread reason and buy us more time.

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