Forecast, Election 2010

With races tightening around the country, and with most showing improvement for Republican candidates and a recent poll indicating that many of those polled suggest they could change their minds again, I tend to give Republicans the edge in next Tuesday’s election. Though I acknowledge that this is an optimistic projection, I forecast a major Grand Old Party (GOP) victory in both houses of Congress, with Republicans winning control of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Based on my experience working on various campaigns, in Congress, research and views expressed by expert political scientists, I think the GOP may gain as many as 100 seats in the House and a narrow majority in the Senate. Additionally, I have observed that most American voters with whom I have corresponded in recent months overwhelmingly reject the Democratic Party-controlled Congress and administration agenda, particularly the President’s health care law ceding government control of the medical profession, known as ObamaCare. Even liberal Democratic loyalist Chris Matthews, who used to work for Jimmy Carter and Tip O’Neill, admitted in his commentary today that voters may put the GOP in control of the House and Senate. If people want to stop the advancement of government intervention in economics, they will have to do exactly that.

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