Election 2013

Don’t make too much or too little of tonight’s election results. Voters in New York City, once and no longer America’s greatest city, elected a New Left radical who aims to rob the rich and handicap anyone who wants to become rich. In Virginia, a Clinton crony was narrowly elected governor over an attorney general that earned his reputation opposing ObamaCare. New Jersey’s voters re-elected an Obama bootlicker who supports building an Islamic mosque near where the Twin Towers were destroyed by Islamic terrorists. Who’s a conservative, leftist, Democrat and Republican doesn’t matter as much as this: Obama’s cronies won and proponents of liberty lost.

But there’s more to today’s election results and it’s not all negative, though it’s mostly and overwhelmingly negative, especially for those living on the eastern seaboard, which Barry Goldwater once joked ought to be sawed off from the rest of the nation. The upside of New Yorkers electing a leftist that sanctioned a communist dictatorship is that that cesspool of nanny-statism will get what it deserves faster which can only be considered good to those of us cheering for New York City’s eventual comeback. In New Jersey, the Obama-worshipping populist Chris Christie, who opposes individual rights such as the right to abortion and is rumored to have ties to the criminal underworld and Islamic terrorist sponsors, delivered tonight’s acceptance speech in a characteristically underhanded way. Christie comes off more clearly as the consummate fatcat, making loud-mouthed power grabs in backroom favors and veiled threats through intimidation – thanks also to a new political insider book – with his cronies. He has never articulated a single coherent policy position on principle and he’s not starting now. He did, however, talk about hugs in some of the worst pap ever pronounced on stage. That’s what ought to be remembered about the governor’s speech: he’s all pap and powerlust and with nefarious ties to malcontents.

Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli, on the other hand, is a principled politician. The religious conservative lost to an indistinguishable Clinton type named Terry McAuliffe, who quoted Jefferson with no regard for Jefferson’s political philosophy. The lessons of Cuccinelli’s loss are three points:

  • The split between Republicans who want a libertarian approach to government and those who want a conservative approach is real; Cuccinelli probably would have won had a libertarian not also been running for governor.
  • Opposition to a woman’s right to abortion is, as Ayn Rand argued, an automatic disqualification for a proper grasp of man’s rights. Cuccinelli is a staunch and extreme opponent of the right to abortion and it is a huge factor in his loss.
  • Opposition to ObamaCare, an extreme law which is an example of fascism, is real, strong and growing thanks to the predicate of grass-roots activism achieved by activists who argue against the dictate on principle. Now that the law is affecting more people, activist arguments by grass-roots campaigns are being realized in people’s lives and, thanks to activism, those suffering most are more acutely aware of the denigration of their rights and lives. This is the only reason why Cuccinelli came as close as he did.

In sum total, the Virginia election should encourage conservatives, libertarians and Republicans – and, in particular, Tea Party supporters – that the Tea Party movement ignited by a Chicago member of the mainstream media (read about it here) is alive and that it thrives upon support for capitalism and individual liberty, not opposition to sex, drugs, gays, abortion and the right to travel, speech and property. The upshot of all three major races is that three politicians who heartily endorse Obama’s nihilist agenda to annihilate the United States gained power. This is unequivocally bad. This in turn ought to embolden Obama’s opponents to fight harder, be smarter and make better arguments on proper principles.

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