Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Don’t expect Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, an animated movie about a video game villain seeking to break out of character which I saw in 3D, to be an action-packed exercise in masculine self-made heroism as I did, despite its marketing. In a bait and switch that doesn’t entirely disappoint, the picture dances on gumdrops and girl power mixed with repulsive nihilistic comedienne Sarah Silverman’s toned down schtick. Given Ralph’s desire to break free in his native smash-up game and be a hero, Ralph (John C. Reilly) briefly detours into a military game where a woman (Jane Lynch) rules the roost, spends most of his time in a girly Japanese anime type game called Sugar Rush where brawny Ralph bonds with Silverman’s little girl and ultimately becomes a marshmallow. There’s not much more to say about Wreck-It Ralph, which should be seen if at all only by gamers, retro gamers and geeks who write code, since they’re the only ones who’ll get the insider jokes. Other than lines about vomiting, burping and farting – what crude Silverman brings to a Disney picture – and gems such as “milk my duds”, this long-winded tale is more a string of jokes than a story, though an afterthought theme of accepting oneself is fine by itself. The screening audience kids didn’t laugh and frankly didn’t seem to care about Wreck-It Ralph, whose villain King Candy sounds exactly like Roger Rabbit. Listen for a brief Darth Vader moment if you see it, which is not recommended, on this day the legendary Burbank, Calif. studio bought the northern California-based Lucasfilm for over $4 billion and pledged to make more Star Wars films. The best part about seeing this mediocre movie was seeing the accompanying black and white short Paperman, a silent, animated film with a lush score, urban setting and romantic theme.

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