Happy New Year

As I look back on 2010, I see discouraging signs of cultural and political decline leading America toward dictatorship. We now have socialized medicine, government control of banking, automotive and insurance industries, and widespread acceptance of other forms of government control of our lives, such as the Bush administration-created Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), and what I would describe as a public drift toward resignation, cynicism, and nihilism. The nation is in despair. People are suffering. Economics are getting worse, not better. Freedom, individual rights and capitalism are under internal and external siege by jihadist Moslems and those who seek total government power. We are mired in wars about nothing in Iraq and Afghanistan, where thousands of our soldiers have died for nothing. On the upside, the Tea Party led a resurgence for the opposition Republican Party, which is a repudiation of the Obama administration’s nihilistic New Left agenda, and not an endorsement of those who advocate mixing religion and government. 2010 was a year that began with Scott Brown‘s victory in Massachusetts, climaxed with government-controlled medical and health insurance professions, bid farewell to actress Patricia Neal, and ended with the death of Marine Martin Russ, who warned during my 2000 interview marking the 50th year since the Korean War that communist North Korea would again invade South Korea, and the announced retirements of men of reason such as Drs. Dean Edell and Leonard Peikoff, who forecast the rise of dictatorship and jihadist Islam, the death of the medical profession and the possible end of America. Goodbye, 2010, and good riddance. Let there be passion for reason and activism and a re-enlightenment in the United States of America. That would make a very Happy New Year.

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