News: Civilization Strikes Back

The Hippies (whom I wrote about on October 13 in my post, “From Woodstock to Wall Street“) may control New York City, where they have seized lower Manhattan, halted traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and threaten to spread their mayhem. But today the city of Oakland, California, took back its streets from the anti-capitalist thugs. Police there have reportedly arrested many of the squatters and cleared out the lawless Hippies. That this happened in the Bay Area, the geographical center of the New Left movement, before it happened in weak and ineffective New York City, where the mayor’s unearned guilt over his own wealth has put him in paralysis when it comes to enforcing the law, is fitting for our troubled times. The law should be¬†enforced in other American cities, too. Nearly 50 years ago, the U.S. sent troops to force Southern states to comply with the law. If the nation’s cities let the Hippies run wild and refuse to comply with the law, the U.S. must do the same. We should not tolerate lawlessness in our cities. It is long past time to sweep the parks and streets clean of filthy thugs, criminals and squatters, vacate these wretched, unwashed Hippies and restore the law. It is time to start the end of the age of the New Left, leave the herd behind and clear the way for new intellectuals who stand for reason, egoism and capitalism.

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