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Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

The president announced today in an interview that aired on Disney’s ABC News that his previous opposition to same-sex marriage has “evolved” into acceptance, which Ed Henry reported tonight on News Corporation’s Fox News was his original position before he ran for president in 2008.

When Mitt Romney changes policy positions, it’s widely regarded as a flip-flop (which it is, because he does). When Obama flip-flops, it’s an evolution? Whatever it’s called, Obama’s meaningless announcement that he has changed his mind again on same-sex marriage is driven by a single purpose: to divide the nation. Almost everything he does is predicated on spreading American disunity.

With a dismal economy and a fundamental 2012 presidential election choice between an incumbent who has imposed Big Government by force and intimidation, including what may be the worst law in U.S. history, the government takeover of medicine known as ObamaCare, and a candidate who claims he opposes Big Government (whatever his contradictions), Barack Obama seeks to use the media to keep the public distracted by a focus on his own personal narrative, which is more or less what got him elected four years ago. But by now we know: he lies. President Obama is no more interested in the individual rights of gays – who reportedly tend to make more money than most Americans, which means gays are among anti-capitalist Obama’s top victims – than he is in the individual rights of any other Americans, rich or poor, black or white, male or female. Two of his better positions, partial approval of stem cell research and allowing gays to serve openly in the military, were practically the result of political pressure.

Whatever the arguments for and against same-sex marriage, and this writer opposes laws that target groups of people such as North Carolina’s new constitutional amendment barring gay couples from any legal recognition, today’s big Obama “news” amounts to another cynical, nihilistic, narcissistic big lie. Culturally, because he is such a discredited ally for gays and such a vitriolic opponent of individual rights, Obama’s calculated expression of his personal opinion arguably does gays more harm than good. And, legally, it means nothing.

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Obama, the Nothing Man

President Obama, who arrived today in Kabul, Afghanistan, just finished addressing the nation tonight in a televised speech – addressing a camera, not U.S. troops – telling the public the opposite of the truth: that the United States is pulling out of Afghanistan. In fact, Obama signed an agreement pledging U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan until at least 2024. The war that began under President Bush on October 7, 2001 has essentially been extended with our soldiers in harm’s way for no decent purpose in our nation’s interest another 12 years in what adds up to a 23-year war for nothing.

In chronic re-election campaign mode, Obama, with heavy eyelids and moving his eyes slyly from side to side while reading his script, spoke at an undisclosed location decorated in military beige somewhere at Bagram Air Field at 7:31 pm ET. Though the new agreement stipulates that Afghan forces take over their state’s security in 2013, with U.S. troops scheduled to officially withdraw in 2014, the U.S. is now committed to what Obama calls “an enduring partnership” in which American soldiers train, advise, and assist and fight (his words, not mine) in Afghanistan, where our republic has now endured the longest war in U.S. history.

On the first anniversary of the date that the U.S. launched an assault on Osama bin Laden, who was outrageously given religious burial ceremonies by the U.S. military, Obama chose this date to boast that the U.S. is negotiating with what was once Al Qaeda’s state sponsor, the Taliban (which he pronounces “tolly-bahn”), praise the Afghan security force, which increasingly attacks U.S. soldiers, and refer to 9/11 as the day in which “3,000 innocent men, women and children” were killed, making absolutely no mention of the fact that Americans were murdered on 9/11 for being Americans – mass murdered on American passenger jets, in America‘s tallest skyscrapers and at the center of America‘s military defense. Instead, Obama vowed to protect what he describes as “dignity and human rights” for the people of Afghanistan.

With not a single word about individual rights for Americans, which he has unceasingly assaulted since taking the oath of office, he glided through more lies about “an America where children live free from fear” knowing that American children are growing up in terror of the government – especially the TSA, which ought to be abolished – including a four-year-old girl physically isolated, patted down and detained as a suspected terrorist in Kansas last week. It is monstrous that this president is our commander-in-chief; like his predecessor, he rejects the ethics of selfishness so he cannot credibly pretend to represent the nation’s self-interest, and when he refers to “a just and lasting peace” – the line on which he ended (bungling the words) – there is no doubt that the peace and justice he seeks is 100 percent antithetical to the United States of America. He proved again that he represents the nothing, the nil, and that he is taking us to our doom, with our precious American soldiers leading the way. Tonight, the nothing president Obama hustled another deception and expanded a war for nothing well into the new century, hastening the end of America, all the while calling it the opposite of what it is.

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Cathie Wright, 1929 – 2012

Former California State Senator Cathie Wright died this morning at 9 a.m. from complications of dementia at her home in Simi Valley, her daughter, who was at her side, told me earlier today. She was 82. I first met her a few years ago at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum during an event featuring comedian Dennis Miller. We hit it off and had planned to work together. Sadly, Mrs. Wright, who served Simi Valley, Ventura County and California in city council, state Assembly and state Senate, and had run against Gray Davis for lieutenant governor in 1994, became ill before we really got started, though we remained friends. She was a tough and independent legislator who, like me, was born in Pennsylvania and raised as a Roman Catholic, which she remained until the end. I will miss Cathie Wright. She was decent, honest and even-handed. Right now, I am thinking of her only child, Victoria Catherine, and her granddaughter, and those lucky enough to have known the indomitable Cathie Wright. May she rest in peace.

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JFK Post on Capitalism Magazine

For generations, we’ve been told that President Kennedy, in contrast to the caricatured President Nixon, was an idealistic martyr whose greatest goals were cut short. This typically comes from those who attack businessmen as powerful white men who take advantage of innocents. But in a recent blog post I argue that, the more we learn, the more we see it was Kennedy – more than Nixon – who was shifty and sneaky and, above all, Kennedy who lusted for power at the expense of innocents, enacting bad ideas that harmed and ultimately killed millions of people. My post was recently featured on Capitalism Magazine, where it is currently the most liked, shared and Tweeted commentary.

Santorum’s Sweep is a Pivot Point

Yesterday, a former United States senator who was roundly rejected by his Pennsylvanian constituents and who seeks government based on religion, including procreation as the purpose of sex, swept three caucuses and primaries in the 2012 Republican presidential campaign. Conservative Rick Santorum won in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, throwing the Republican race into a tailspin. In topping 50 percent and winning by wide margins in states with low turnout and high concentrations of Christians seeking more religion in government, he trounced the GOP’s frontrunner and flip-flopper Mitt Romney, originator of ObamaCare, nasty Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. The Catholic conservative is the most explicitly religious major presidential candidate.

Though he sounds reasonable on Iran, and Islamism, former Sen. Santorum – elected in a backlash in the 1990s against the dead on arrival Clinton health care plan and master of nothing but an abysmal record on capitalism and individual rights including total submission to faith-based President Bush – opposes the moral foundation of the United States: man’s rights. Taking advantage of the accurate perception that Romney is unprincipled, Gingrich is unseemly and Ron Paul is a kook, the folksy former senator is waging an open and, thus far, straightforward campaign of telling Republican voters exactly what he will do as president: impose faith, family and tradition in government, which precludes him as a serious opponent of Islamism or the welfare state and fundamentally disqualifies him from the presidency. He seeks to annihilate any trace of a secular republic, from contraceptives and abortion to sodomy and homosexuality and he aims to impose bigger, religious government. Rick Santorum – congenial, conservative and loaded with “gee whiz” appeal – ought to offend every decent American.

But with Romney failing to make the case for the morality of capitalism – and Romney’s been partly right on private equity and the decimated middle class – Santorum’s triple victory tells us three things: 1) this historic presidential election may go all the way to the convention in Tampa, Florida, with Santorum as the most consistently principled unless you count Ron Paul as consistently incoherent; 2) bundled up, Romney must assert an at least partially moral case for capitalism and freedom to differentiate himself, which he’s unable to do, it is not too late for a new candidate to emerge and reelection of the atrocious President Obama just became more plausible and 3) because Obama is atrocious and Americans are coming apart and looking to believe instead of to think, the prospect of theocracy in America is rising.