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Election 2009

Tuesday’s election offered a bit of good news for advocates of individual rights.

Independents voted overwhelmingly for Republican gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey in yesterday’s election, according to the Associated Press. The decisive Republican victories, Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey, are likely to be perceived as a rejection of the unprecedented expansion of government intervention in the economy sponsored by President Barack Obama, who campaigned hard for both losing Democratic Party candidates. Obama, who carried both states in last year’s presidential election, has spent most of the year pushing for socialized medicine and, with serious losses in states where the supposedly charismatic leader campaigned, his supposedly inevitable plan for government control of the medical profession is reportedly off track, with the Senate’s chief Democrat suggesting that it may not pass this year.

While both new Republican governors-elect are apparently anti-abortion, and, therefore, anti-individual rights and consequently not credible advocates of capitalism, neither McDonnell nor Christie apparently campaigned as conservatives that would mix religion and state, as previous Republicans and, recently, Democrats have done. In fact, the only major, high-profile candidate to run on a conservative platform, anti-gay, anti-abortion Doug Hoffman in upstate New York, who was widely expected to win, lost in a stunning upset by the Democrat after a pro-welfare state Republican had been driven out of the race. Hoffman had been endorsed by nearly every conservative advocate of mixing religion and government, including Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.

To the extent one can take any reading from the election, it is possibly a rejection of both today’s economic fascism by President Obama and the Democrats and the religious government proposed by conservatives and the Republicans … which could be a warning to all politicians that anyone who supports increased government intervention in business (such as Obama’s “health care reform”) and personal affairs, such as banning abortion, risks being fired by the people.

Patriotic Parents Pull Kids from School over Presidential Address

In the wake of news that the President of the United States will deliver a speech urging government control of medicine, a growing number of parents are planning to pull their children from government-controlled schools on Tuesday, September 8, when the President delivers another speech. The White House announced some time ago that President Barack Obama’s address to primary education students would be carried live to the nation’s government schools, with government-established lesson plans, one of which originally assigned students to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.” Obama’s speech will be shown live on the White House Web site and on C-SPAN at noon ET on Sept. 8.

Not to my kids, many Americans are saying.

“Districts in states including Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin have decided not to show the speech to students. Others are still thinking it over or are letting parents have their kids opt out,” Associated Press (AP) reports. Government school districts are apparently responding to the opposition. A district near Houston, Texas, plans to show the American president’s speech but, in the words of its spokeswoman, “we would not force them to listen.”

Gee, thanks. This is another example of the Obama administration’s determination to use every available means to indoctrinate the nation’s youth, as the Bush administration did to promote similar expansion of government controls, and use propaganda. This time, patriotic Americans are speaking up, taking action, and actively opposing the government’s rules.

Good for their kids and good for America. We need such principled acts of opposition to government control of our lives more desperately than ever. In fact, the Republican Party, which is dominated by those who would implement government control for God or Judeo-Christianity, should learn a lesson from the patriotic parents. The Grand Old Party (GOP) would be wise to repudiate its religionism, stand united for inalienable individual rights (which inherently means the right to an abortion), and unanimously walk out of President Obama’s socialized medicine speech to Congress the following night.

Obama to Address Congress on “Health Care Reform”

President Barack Obama will pitch his plan for government-controlled medicine in an address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, September 9, during prime time, according to various news reports. Look for outright lies and deception from this president on this catastrophic legislation. Like Bush pushing Medicare drug subsidies through Congress, by one vote after time on the clock had expired, President Obama will do anything to force this morally bankrupt idea into law.

Summer of Socialized Medicine

Amid talk that the administration will re-name its plan for socialized medicine after the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy and re-package the national health care campaign as an American tribute to a 47-year veteran of the U.S. Senate who persistently opposed capitalism, comes word that the President of the United States will deliver the eulogy for Kennedy, who died yesterday. This is an especially swift public announcement and a clear signal that the White House intends to use the senator’s death as a platform for re-launching its controversial and ominously undefined proposal for government-run medicine.

Watch for the White House to do precisely that and look for their biggest accomplices to be Republicans. Every major leader of the Grand Old Party (GOP)—Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Palin, Huckabee, McCain—accepts the moral premise of socialized medicine, that health care is a right. Not one major Republican legislator has mounted an ethical challenge to the administration’s plan, which is the most practical and only serious grounds for opposition. To the contrary, McCain urges compromise, Gingrich, who abandoned Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in the 1994 Contract with America, supports government intervention, and the others, especially religionist Romney, who enacted a state-run health system when he was governor of Massachusetts, share the President’s philosophy that health care is a right. The case for capitalism is being made by the Ayn Rand Center, on the airwaves by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and by a grass-roots coalition of Americans in congressional offices, town halls, and Internet forums.

Sen. Kennedy understood the nature of the battle, which is why he incrementally but conclusively held out for what he once had within his grasp in his negotiations with the Nixon administration: economic fascism in medicine—an anti-capitalist system in which the medical profession, including the doctor, hospital, insurer, pharmaceutical business, and other producers, superficially operate as a “private” business while actually being controlled by the state. Kennedy, stung by the scandal of his actions at Chappaquiddick (which derailed his 1972 presidential candidacy), rejected the pragmatic President Nixon’s offer for de facto state-sponsored medicine. Kennedy took the slower approach, carving an intricately complicated system (try reading his HMO Act or the subsequent acts creating PPOs) forcing Americans into a mongrel system of government dictates which conditionally allows for what amounts to socialism with a dollop of free market competition. Forty years later, we are living in the system he created, marching toward totalitarianism in medicine. Unless Americans wake up, the nightmare lives on.

Senator Kennedy Dies

Massachusetts Sen. Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy has died in his home state at the age of 77. Elected to the United States Senate in 1962, the late Sen. Kennedy was an ardent advocate for socialized medicine in America, carrying the torch for decades through major compromises with religious conservatives, such as Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, who co-authored the historic legislation to enact socialized medicine for children, and former President George W. Bush, who led numerous efforts to expand government intervention in medicine.

The goal of government-controlled health care had long been held by Sen. Kennedy, who, with the late President Richard Nixon, is responsible for creating Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which reject the concept of an insurance contract for paying claims in favor of a cartel model for rationing health care. Kennedy authored the HMO Act of 1973, which forced all U.S. employers with over 25 employees to offer an HMO. The government-mandated health plans practically eliminated the market for traditional medical insurance within 20 years. Today, Kennedy’s HMOs and their corollaries, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), controlled by state-regulated health care cooperatives such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, dominate the so-called market for health insurance.

Last year, the senator endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic Party presidential campaign, and he has steadfastly supported the Obama administration’s campaign to enact total state control of the medical profession. Kennedy reportedly died of cancer at his home in Massachusetts.