Adding a ‘Donate’ Button

Occasionally, I get feedback from readers that comment on the value they get from my blog, which I created both as an informal outlet and as advertising for my professional writing and editorial services. Sometimes, a reader asks how to leave a tip or send a payment, gift or donation.

For example, one reader’s recent note through my Web site expressed a desire to send a gift because he has been “reading and treasuring [my] work for many years”. The individual wrote to thank me for saving money he would have otherwise spent on a terrible film. I activated a PayPal button on the blog and subsequently received a number of benevolent, thoughtful notes with each gift. I’ve always felt awkward about this issue—I know my readers know that writing a blog takes effort yet I want people to feel free to read what I post without obligation—and a friend who reads my blog convinced me that a ‘donate’ button might be useful for someone who wants to pay, give or donate if he chooses. So, PayPal’s ‘Donate’ button now appears beneath the author’s note. Also, let me know if I can help with writing, editing and other services.

The upshot is that gifts or payments are never expected and always appreciated. Every dollar supports my writing. It is my intention that the ‘Donate’ button functions as a voluntary funding source for my works in progress. Thank you for reading.

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