2011: Site Facts

Here’s my annual breakdown of site visitors and readership (read my roundup for previous years here).

Most traffic apparently originates from search engines and social media, with other referring sites including various blogs, Capitalism Magazine, Huffington Post, Salon.com, the Los Angeles Times, Wikipedia (which cites several of my articles) and the New York Times, which linked to my 2000 interview with Korean War Marine and writer Martin Russ in its obituary when he died last winter.

Top site categories (not to be confused with the blog’s sub-categories) are About, Contact, Services, and Movies. My blog is the most widely read page. The most popular interview this year is my exclusive interview with former Gov. Gary Johnson about his presidential candidacy, followed by my exclusive interview with Duke University history Professor John David Lewis about war and my exclusive interview with composer Alexandre Desplat about his score for The King’s Speech. Other top-ranked interviews are my 2009 conversations with director Thomas Carter and Seton Hall University philosophy Professor Robert Mayhew about We the Living by Ayn Rand.

Major educational domains that bring traffic here include: Harvard, Indiana, Columbia, Clemson, Penn State, University of Kentucky, and Ohio State, also Texas A & M, University of Montana, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, Yale and NYU. The top three military domains are Navy, Army and Air Force. Readers from tech businesses include Microsoft, Amazon.com and Apple. Apple’s devices dominate the top machines for mobile readers. The top searched keywords (besides my name) that brought readers to the site: ‘freelance writer’. Most readers live in the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K., and Norway.

The number one major movie review was for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 4, which I called the worst movie of the year (it still is). Other popular reviews were my recommendations for Marvel’s Captain America and Fox’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The top ranked blog post was Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand. Among widely read posts: Conservatives and the Tea Party, Why I Like Apple’s Logo, The Suicide of Leanita McClain, Death of a Terrorist and The Vancouver Kiss. I’m happy to report that the blog is rated five stars by Facebook’s Networked Blogs app readers and it ranks in the top 50 for blogs about ideas, movies and the culture. 2011 is the first year in which I posted during all 12 months.

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